About Me

I believe knowledge can’t be separated from those who produce it: it’s always situated and anchored on experience. This, however, doesn’t have to be a limitation. Quite the contrary. A standpoint is exactly what enables us to know, and to know different things, from different perspectives.

No narrative or storytelling, no matter how much they claim otherwise, is either neutral nor apolitical. Every view is a view from somewhere. Every story I produce is a reflex of my perspective as a woman, as Latin American, as an immigrant. Yet, as journalists, I still strive to maintain procedural objectivity: checking all the facts and their accuracy, being transparent about methods, and being reflexive and critical towards my own beliefs. 

I’m a Brazilian journalist, photographer and filmmaker, who has lived in six countries and speaks six languages. Specialist in public policies and gender justice, I currently attend a master degree program in journalism, media and globalization in Aarhus, Denmark, with an Erasmus Mundus scholarship, and was selected for the Solution Journalism Network’s 2021 mentorship cohort. 

My journalistic work has been published in National Geographic, Al-Jazeera, EU Observer, Totally Dublin, Foto Féminas, Crisis and La Luciernaga. My photographs were exhibited in Festival de Fotografia de Tiradentes in 2017 and 2020, and in Elas Festival in 2019. In 2020, I was part of the organization team of Fotografias por Minas, a campaign that united hundreds of photographers to raise funds for Covid-19 relief in Minas Gerais, Brazil. As a filmmaker, I have worked as assistant producer in feature films, short movies, and TV series. 

I have worked for three years as a volunteer at AFS Intercultural Programs, having won in 2014 the 100 Years Young scholarship to take part in the AFS Youth Symposium at UNESCO, in Paris; and in 2013 the PRVV, AFS Intercultura Brasil’s Volunteer Recognition and Appreciation Award. 

I’m a member and co-founder of Anda Collective.  

Where to find my work


2021 – National Geographic – Andean glaciers are melting, reshaping centuries-old Indigenous rituals

2021 – Al-Jazeera – Denmark: Refugee grandmother told to return to Syria.

2021 – EU Observer – Third-time lucky for one Syrian grandmother in Denmark

2021 – Totally Dublin – The Four Walls

2021 – Foto Féminas – Confined Away 

2021 – Crisis – Algo huele mal en Dinamarca 

2020 – La Luciérnaga – Las crisis se amontonan 

Exhibitions and others: 

2021 – Mulheres Luz – Photographic essay Lembrem de Mim

2020 – Fotografias por Minas

2020 – Collective exhibit Por dentro de um tempo suspenso: Âmago, at Foto em Pauta 

2019 – Iman Su Tiki, at Elas Festival

2017 – Collective exhibit Fotografia e Palavra/Poesia e Imagem, at Foto em Pauta

Scholarships, Mentorships and Awards

2021 – Solution Journalism Network’s 2021 Mentorship Cohort 

2020 – Mundus Journalism Scholarship

2016 – Minas Mundi Scholarship 

2014 – 100 Years Young! Scholarship for AFS Youth Symposium at UNESCO 

2013 – PRVV – AFS Intercultura Brasil’s Volunteer Recognition and Appreciation Award

Contact Me


Instagram: @amandamagnani