First-time Immigrant Mothers in the Pandemic

The early stages of motherhood can be a very lonely and challenging time. When it happens for the first time in the middle of a pandemic that requires social distancing, it can be an even more isolating experience. Especially for immigrant women, who are already apart from their home support network. Women like Rasha, Mavor, Teresa, Yamile, Elizabeth and Christy, for whom the entire experience of motherhood is entangled with the Covid-19 pandemic.

Christy, from Brazil, holds her son Liam.
Ilse, Liam’s Danish grandmother, hands him back to Christy before ending her visit.
Mavor, from Canada, changes her son Gustaf into a bear costume.
Yamille, from Mexico, holds her son Benjamin at her home.
Mobile baby toy handmade by Mavor, with characters designed by her husband.
Josephine's toys.
Teresa's twin sons, Noah and Benjamin.
Teresa, from Portugal, calls her sister while playing with her twin sons.
Rasha, from Palestine, holds her daughter Eline, while her sister Suzanne gives the niece her pacifier.