Self-Portraits in Quarantine

Quarantine caught me in a weird place. As a newly arrived immigrant in Ireland, I had just moved to a house already occupied by another ten Brazilians. Everything was shared – the kitchen, the bathrooms, even my room – with people I had never met before. All of a sudden, we were all locked in and there was no escape. There was no leaving the house. It was one of the loneliest times of my life and, yet, being alone was the one thing I craved the most. I tried to shrink to get more space. I tried to merge with the house itself to avoid everyone else. There was never a time when I could be at ease in that place, surrounded by strangers. There was never a time I felt at home. It was often claustrophobic and suffocating. A loud and crowded solitude where I could never be myself, but fragments of me.

Self-portraits helped me cope with feelings I couldn’t otherwise express. 

Some of the photographs in this series were part of collective exhibit Por dentro de um tempo suspenso: Âmago, at Foto em Pauta 2020, in Tiradentes (Brazil).