The Four Walls

A year ago, when lockdowns started in Europe, I was a newly arrived immigrant in Dublin. Suddenly, I found myself in an unfamiliar land, confined in a house with ten complete strangers. While at that time most people faced isolation and social distance, I was in a situation where the only place I could be alone was a bathroom, because even my bedroom was shared. I was not home. 

During the months of confinement, I started photographing everyday life in this unusual arrangement, registering how the residents went from being a group of strangers to the closest we had to a family. 

Residents of 177 Clonliffe Road enjoy a sunny day across the street from the house. During the first lock down in Dublin, travels were only allowed within a 2km radius from one’s residence. From left to right: Bárbara, who moved right after quarantine began, Jonathan, Diane, Carla, Pedro, Jéssica and Beatriz.
The eleven residents of the house shared three bathrooms, each on a different floor.
Daiane and Jonathan lived together in bedroom 2. They didn’t know each other before moving to Dublin.
In the house, cloths were divided into those used for cleaning the bathrooms (photo), and those used for cleaning the kitchen and other common areas. They were washed and put to dry separately.
Jéssica cleans the kitchen window, while Allan prepares his meal. Cleaning schedules were organized on a bedroom rotation basis in which each week, the occupants of one of the bedrooms were responsible for cleaning the bathrooms, whilst the occupants of another cleaned the kitchen and other common areas.
“Spa day” in Jonathan and Daiane’s bedroom. Amanda, Beatriz, Jéssica, Daiane and Jonathan got together for facial scrubs, hydrating their hair, plucking their eyebrows and doing their nails.
Pedro and Carla prepared typical São Paulo pastel for a common dinner, the last time all 12 residents of the house got together, before Bárbara moved out. During the months of lock down, such shared meals became a habit. From left to right: Bárbara, Eduardo, Felipe, Jonathan, Alan, Beatriz, Everton, Jéssica, Carla, Pedro and Diane.
Barbecue side dishes lie on the dining room table, as the first such event takes part outside in the backyard, where all six chairs were taken.